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For Reggy, that was a lot like what his life sounded like. He doesn't know about you." "Then what the hell was all that crap you were arguing about? "That is so fucked up on so many levels." "You're telling me Uncle Clark is my dad? You need to know." "Is this why I have to use an inhaler? Sure, money can't buy happiness but it can sure buy a lot of solutions to common problems so you don't have to deal with them. She made a little money here, and then there, but it was never enough and it was always a one time payment. He wanted it more and more often and my mother either wouldn't or couldn't give it to him. And then my mom caught my dad talking to some younger woman. Just then she was remembering a conversation with Laura about who would walk her down the aisle when she got married. But in that moment she suddenly knew that he would never agree to that. She closed the lid and for a few moments just sat there.Reggy was ten when his mother finally started an enterprise that would actually stay in business and suddenly their family went from always barely getting by to being rather well off. something." Reggy stormed out and wouldn't listen to anything his mother was saying. Of course my father said that they were just talking and" laughing, "he even brought up freedom of speech and all that. She'd never before thought of herself as ugly or unattractive but knowing that her own father wanted nothing to do with her made her start to question it.For most of his childhood it was just his mom, Lori, busting her ass to take care of Reggy and his sister Sue. I mean, it is true but really, deep down, I wanted him. I think what finally convinced him was when I said that he couldn't get me pregnant so it didn't matter if we had sex or not." "Wait. He came to where I was staying to make sure that I wasn't homeless or anything. That was our last time together and that's when you were conceived. But he'd made a point of also giving her those cards. Then there were all those times when Laura had wanted Sue to come over for a sleep over or for dinner or just to hang out and her uncle had been against it. But Uncle Clark had never once done anything that a father should do for her. And that was really all the proof that Sue needed to know that what her mother had said was true.

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So being used to that kind of environment, it was very odd when Reggy heard his uncle and his mother arguing over something.

They each clamped up the moment Reggy came into the room but from what he could tell his mother wanted to do something and Uncle Clark was against it.

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